Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Eros Ramazzotti's new dads: was born Nicole Maria

Pink Ribbon for Eros Ramazzotti, the singer has announced on his Facebook profile Maria Christina's birth: “ my heart to endless joy is renewed, the one that I wish all of you …. Today at 19 and 07 born Raffaella Maria, thanks for this wonderful gift Marica, thanks for the ’ love Auri there by ”. Eros Ramazzotti's new pap with Marica Pellegrinelli. The young singer's girlfriend gave birth yesterday evening a nice girl making pap Eros l ’ world's most happy man.
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The singer not to forget his daughter Aurora, a very important person in his life that was always alongside pap and his new partner, demonstrating how the relationship between Eros and Michelle Hunziker are distesissimi. Eros Ramazzotti's new pap news that we waited for some time, the singer has found the ’ love with Marica Pellegrinelli, a young girl, has just 23 years old, but capable of overcoming a difficult period of life. After separation from Michelle Hunziker for Eros was a dark period started from the personal point of view, although his career was very successful, Ramazzotti has always felt the need to rediscover the ‘ love. And ’ arrived cos Marica, a beautiful girl who is immediately demonstrated by sincere and mature with vocalist.

A deep love that made Eros Ramazzotti's new pap, but mostly did reawaken in him that sense of happiness that seemed lost. In all these years for Eros has always relied on daughter Aurora, become a woman and that he always demonstrated an important reference point for pap Eros. Now in his life came a ’ woman, Raffaella Maria, a new ray of sunshine for the singer that we are sure will be its new source of inspiration for the new job record. Happy birthday to Eros Ramazzotti's new pap!

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