Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Melania Rea, latest news: Salvatore Parolisi, letters from admirers for ’ Assassin

Murder Melania Rea, latest news? Salvatore Parolisi remains in Teramo jail while attorneys try desperately to letters a “ concrete ” defensive strategy. Receives letters from admirers, ’ love every day in his cell. L ’ l ’ suspect for murder of Melania spends time reading the letters of women; attracted probably by the “ taste of horror ” ’. And ’ accused of aggravated murder for cruelty and ties? For some women does not seem to be a problem. Probably would serve flower of professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists!) to understand how one can prove a positive feeling ” “ for the one who accused of murdering his wife.
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The latest news on Melanie Rea, however, do not sleep soundly to corporal. The photo taken by students and put on display by lawyers, it would be revealing a boomerang for Salvatore Parolisi. The ’ car portrayed in the photo, not his. And not everything! Woman's hair, on which all the media have built the yellow Melania Rea, would not exist! No confirmation of Ris report no, n cards of the legal defence of Parolisi. To kill Malania, therefore, would not have been a woman.

And ’ likely, however, that the corporal did not act alone. An accomplice would help him: a colleague of “ barracks ” or one of the many lovers? Investigators not veering off even if the request for remand in custody issued by the Prosecutor of Ascoli, there was the ’ hint, not-too-veiled, the possible existence of an accomplice. We'll see. Many are still obscure points in the story, many doubts investigators. The truth will be revealed? We are sure. And ’ important, however, it is possible not to drag the Rea family in a whirl of endless speculation.

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