Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Murder Melania Rea, also for the Gip Parolisi is guilty

Salvatore Parolisi, now in jail with laccusa of first-degree murder aggravated by the degree of kinship and by a whole series of other serious allegations as the vilification of corpse contest, continues to plead innocent. In addition to create a false alibi, he would set in motion a whole series of procedures designed to mislead investigations in progress and to draw the suspicions on his person. This came to light in several statements he made and the results of its investigations that have laid bare a series of shocking truth.

According to the Gip of Teramo the corporal Salvatore Parolisi, husband of Melania Rea murdered deceased in the woods of Barracks to Ripe di Civitella, would have had an accomplice in the disfigurement of the corpse and to screening of investigations in progress because it would have been difficult for Salvatore do everything yourself. For this reason the Gip has made the decision to issue unordinanza of remand against Parolisi.
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Besides all this whirlwind of information related to the case in question, as always happens in these cases, it may fail the fan cheering Salvatore Parolisi and hymns as a hero. In fact there are numerous letters that are sent to the Corporal in Teramo jail sentences that contain sweet damore.

As you seen for other famous cases of heinous murders, perhaps for the sake of having a perverse bit of visibility even in these dramatic circumstances, people have become a symbol of virt people who don't deserve it at all, deleting for chiss why violence and lorrore that have been produced from these subjects.

The fact remains that Salvatore Parolisi accused of murder and who will stay in jail if and when it will be proven otherwise. For now all suspects remain on him in person and you are looking for the potential accomplice who participated in this horrible murder.

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