Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Amy Winehouse was going to marry

According to statements made by the British tabloid the Sun, Reg Traviss was presented in front of Amy Winehouse with a diamond ring and asked her to marry him several weeks before she died. And she accepted his proposal. Apparently the couple, now together for two years, would secretly decided to marry and they decided to celebrate the marriage in 2012.

A source who knew the couple of boyfriends has declared that she loved him and that he would not have wanted to become his wife and put on the family with him. Reg Traviss now destroyed by grief and claims to have lost his dearly love.

Perhaps for this reason, the 27-year-old singer, wished to leave permanently from the tunnel of drugs and dellalcol in order to lead a dignified life with the famous Director community. And kill his demons.
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For this reason, in June, had been admitted to a rehabilitation center in what was determined to improve her life by drugs that had become a slave for a long time and that had caused many problems in recent concerts in which had been forced to retreat.

This news comes after learning from the New York Post that she wanted to adopt a child of Santa Lucia. This little girl, named Dannika, laveva met during one of his many stays in Santa Lucia and hoped to be able to give a better future by adopting and bringing it into England.

Unfortunately, Amy Winehouse, was unable to complete his objective for been nipped by a premature death last July 23 at his home in London. The reasons are yet to be ascertained and are awaiting the results of Toxicology tests to shed light on the actual cause of his death.

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