Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Lastest, Eto ’ or remains but Tevez

That great fear for the lastest! Despite frequent rumors of a possible departure of Eto ’ or Russian, blinded by mermaids (and 20 million euros net per season), the Cameroon decided to close down his incredible career. Eto also can exchange ’ or – Tevez appears to be doomed to failure. The truth, however, that the Argentine ’ could get the same in Milan, regardless of prtenza of Cameroon.

Here's the lastest negotiation to arrive at an Argentine genius. And ’ a strategy at the very least wait. On the one hand, in fact, c ’ the needs of Manchester City to hijack the ’ engagement of Tevez (quite “ expensive ”) towards the neo purchase Aguero; by ’ other c ’ desire to Moratti and Branch to have the player on loan for one year (by paying his engagement) and then use the next season, if necessary, of the right of redemption gi set (figure around 30 – 35 million euros).
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Carlitos Tevez will surely little space in Manchester City next season. The player understands and wants to leave English football. Also the same striker announced it would go away causing the ire of the English club. In this situation as if the player had “ out pink ”. The Premier League, Serie a, could bring Tevez in Italy. The company inter, in negotiation, has a definite advantage.

Moratti and Branca will l ’ last week of August to launch the decisive attack at ’ ’. The major European clubs have already made large purchases, the Argentine non ’ their interest; It remains only the milanese club and probably some “ Spanish ” siren, unimportant. L ’ Inter not yet move summer market, but we are sure, is preparing a surprise hit. Will own the ’ Argentine gift Moratti fans?

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