Friday, July 22, 2011

Vasco Rossi to hospital for checks

Some month ago Vasco Rossi announced her retirement and view the latest news it seems that this is the most wise decision. Vasco Rossi no longer a kid, okay well continue writing songs, but it seems almost impossible to sustain the tiring tour around Italy and beyond ’.

In fact, arrived a few hours ago the news that Vasco Rossi presented at ’ Hospital of Bologna to undergo checks. And ’ from a time that the Blasco suffers from annoying pain in the shoulder and back pain, most likely you suspect a slight fracture of the ribs.

In fact had even talked of admission for Vasco Rossi, but are just hoaxes, Blasco is fine, but just needs to understand how come those pesky dolorini. L ’ et, will be better for Vasco Rossi who hang the microphone to the nail.

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