Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Dark Knight teaser trailer online Rises,

Is becoming bigger l ’ waiting for the new film dedicated to ’ Man Bat. The new film of the trilogy of Batman's ’ intitoler The Dark Knight Rises. The new film will be the last chapter of the trilogy ’ directed by Christopher Nolan. While all await the return of Batman, available here, for the most avid fans and not only that, the online teaser for The Dark Knight Rises

The trailer starts with a sentence very particular and emblematic, that immediately involves us in ’ atmosphere of Gotham City, Each hero has his way. Note that this last chapter ’ the fate of the second downhill, downhill history when Batman pretends responsible for disasters that have invaded the city. Chased by all forced to flee, but an irreparable evil forces the Commissioner Gordon to track down and rely on the return to the city of his old friend.The bad round, this time sar Tom Hardy, already seen in another film directed by Christopher Nolan, Inception of great success. Usual couldn't miss l ’ incurable Morgan Freeman and surprise of surprises, the cast will also Anne Hathaway. Its role may have already figured out: Catwoman.

The film is scheduled for the end of 2012 still under development, but the expected and the conditions are best. This final chapter will be a real icing on the cake.

A small indiscretion before closing. Warner Bros said that despite this the last chapter ’ directed by Christopher Nolan, there does not mean that it will review Batman on the big screen once again. Myths come back always.

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