Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bombing Oslo, killer of far-right ultranationalist: over 90 deaths

The ’ attempt in the Centre of Oslo (with a bomb high potential) and subsequent Shootout in ’ island of Utoeya has resulted in more than 90 dead. The budget of the intended victims, unfortunately, to rise. The killer who opened fire in a meeting of young labor in ’ island of Utoeya, Norwegian, ultranationalist linked to far-right movements. A Christian fundamentalist. The home front and not, as many assumed, international terrorism of Islamic matrix.

The killer ultranationalist was seen, by the police, also on the site of the prowling ’ explosion of the bomb, in the heart of Oslo, in the main newspaper of Norway, close to the offices of the Prime Minister. It was he, according to police, the head of ’ terrorist attack yesterday. 7 would be the dead of ’ explosion of the bomb, as well as 84 deaths caused by Shootout in ’ island of Utoeya. The small island is transformed into an inferno: young people, including 15 et 16 years ago, and have tried to escape when she jumped into the cold waters of the North Sea. And ’ was a carnage: the killer, disguised as a policeman opened fire, triggering panic.

The ’ bombing Oslo most serious incident of violence in Norway since the end of World War II. A senseless massacre that is plunging the country into a dark night: the dream of a disarmed nation was destroyed in a terrible afternoon in July. Oslo won't be pi as before: been violated, wound in his pride. The reaction of the Norwegian people, however, a great response to terror: a lesson that many should transpose! Will not be bombs, however, undermine the solid foundation of the Norwegian people: but nothing, unfortunately, will return as before!

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