Thursday, July 21, 2011

Italy Juventus ready to assault the ’ Rossi

The England pulls rotten tricks of the time, this what happened to Juventus in the summer session of transfers, the ’ purchase of Aguero seemed one step away, effectively eliminating the gradient miserably effort made to cut the difference between supply and demand with the ’ Atletico Madrid. Juventus to Stange, the bianconeri are planning close to Giuseppe Rossi, Italian striker of Villareal, within a week at most. Having now closed the ’ deal Vidal, managers can focus on what should be the ’ last effort for this session of the market, flying in Spain to meet with representatives of the club and player, willing to handle and very likely to close the deal ’.
Viral video by ebuzzingViral video by ebuzzing
The base d ’ offer of 35 million euros, a sum considerably lower than the offered IP mail all ’ Atletico Madrid for Augero, for which he was about 30 million cash plus bonus for performance achieved in the League. Also in this deal, there will be bonuses this ’ should raise the overall figure of ’ operation in 32-35 million. The strategic move of Villareal is to pull on the immediate cost of the transfer, the Spaniards indeed continue to ask for 30 million euros immediately and 5 in any bonus, the bianconeri could instead get to 27 pi 5 bonus, this should represent the contact line between supply and demand, enabling the closure of negotiations with a positive outcome.

C not hurry to close ’ to the Spanish club Villareal, may in fact implement the classic game of ’ offer in extremis, i.e. bringing the negotiations until 31 August to then be able to snatch a substantial offer pi, maybe creating a ’ auction among different clubs that bring upward the price tag. This hypothesis for brings with it the negative aspects for the Spanish club for, losing a carrier like Giuseppe Rossi has become man symbol of the team, will require some time to find a suitable alternative to compensate the lack, then finally the ’ bargain not planning too long and probably the ’ outcome will be unveiled within the next week when all ’ will shortly start the campionattime, rushing for integration in the new Reds coach Antonio Conte.

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