Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FootballBetting, handed over 18 club. Atalanta and Chievo also

Stefano Palazzi, Prosecutor of the FIGC officially declared the referrals of 18 sports society. Including Atalanta and Chievo. The clubs concerned, specifically, are: Atalanta and Chievo of serie A, Sassuolo, Verona and Ascoli of serie B, Alexandria, Benevento, Ravenna, Cremonese, Piacenza, Viareggio, Virtus Entella, Spezia, Reggiana, Portogruaro and Taranto of Lega Pro and finally, two teams of serie D, i.e. Cus Chieti and Pino di Matteo

The reasons that have led to referral of the football club Atalanta are disputed charges for some players, namely Thomas Manfredini and Christian Gifts, which are about three years of suspension.

Different speech for the company, which sports clivense been referred for objective liability for charges paid to Stefano Bettarini, whom he accused of having bet on the outcome of matches to ’ fail safe. The company is likely only a ’ fine.
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Worse than the situation of two clubs of the Lega Pro, Ravenna and Alexandria. They risk the ’ exclusion from the Championship because he challenged the direct responsibility of happened.

Before concluding the Prosecutor of the FIGC has defined association aimed at the Commission of offences by the Group of ’ former player Giuseppe Signori, the goalkeeper of Benevento, Marco Paoloni and nine other suspects among executives, coaches and players.

Below is the list of players reported: Cristiano Doni, Marco Paoloni, Massimo Vittorio Micolucci, Herodians, Vincenzo Sommese, Gianni Fabbri, Mauro Gibellini, Antonio Ciriello, Daniele Quadrini, Leonardo Rossi, Giorgio Furlan, Jester, Claudio and Gianfranco Spoke, Gianluca Tuccella, Stefano Bettarini, Antonio Bellavista, Carlo Gervasoni, Giuseppe Signori, Thomas Manfredini, Mauro Bressan, Nicola Santoni, Ivan Tisci, Frederick Zaccanti, Giorgio Veltroni, Daniele Deoma and Davide Saverino.

The process, set at the ’ Hotel Parco dei Principi, avr place no earlier than 3 August.

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