Thursday, July 14, 2011

Superpomodoro, delayed due to aging research

The tomato (indeed, the superpomodoro!), vegetable is rich in natural antioxidants and optimal protein Lifesaver, became the new protagonist of scientific research, as it turns out to be effective against the ‘ aging and cardiovascular disease. From now on all outlets and vegetables Italians arrived a new tomato, the so-called superpomodoro, rich in antioxidant and lycopene. The GM product the result of a long experimentation developed in all fields and greenhouses, thanks to Italian firm Coldiretti. The tomato became the undisputed king of transgenic foods Lifesaver, thanks to a ’ careful analysis and genetic engineering and biotechnology. The beneficial characteristics of superpomodoro reside in high content of antioxidants, essential to combat oxidative stress, free radicals and lycopene, a carotenoid able to counteract the ‘ Cellular Aging and fight the dangerous heart disease.

The new tomato company Coldiretti new elixir of life made in Italy. Researchers have brought to the fore after a year of experimentation, without resorting to genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The superpomodoro allow consumers to produce an effective supersalsa or juice against aging ’, cardiovascular diseases and cancers of the prostate. The tomato scientific about 70 grams, round, smooth skin and much more red, the highest concentration of lycopene than normal. The Coldiretti suggests ’ vegetable Cook l, because the quality of lycopene are available. The products will be marketed under the brand name Pom L + Parmalat. Today in Rome held a Conference of Coldiretti where sar can know the characteristics and properties of transgenic vegetable and ’, in addition, the company will try various quality tomato produced through abundant wine tastings. An Italian success achieved through farmlands and Italian material by brilliant scientists made in Italy.

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