Thursday, July 21, 2011

Operation Children in danger, eight drug arrests

When the Sun was still high in the sky, in the early hours of the day, the men of the Commissariat of our Lady of Victories, led by Gabriele Presti, Chief Commissioner, intervened to Piazza Armenina conclusion 8: 6 of these arrests are in prison, while the other 2, women, and one of which with minor offspring must necessarily be followed before the Police Giudiriziaria.

The condemnation of the residents in the Centre of Enna to peddling drugs in competition as well as to violations of criminal convictions that were posed as preventive measures. The ’ arrest was made at the request of the Prosecutor's Office, in the person of the Deputy Prosecutor. Francesco Rio. A regime of pre-trial detention were subjected to other entities that have, for aiding and abetting or complicity in trafficking, established an active part in the crime. Including a 20-year-old boy, Alex Trano, pi times violated the precautionary measures ordered by the GIP of Enna, which imposed a curfew to guy, hacked pi times.
Viral video by ebuzzingViral video by ebuzzing
The ’ survey was prepared to avoid the growing drug such as cannabis in marujana and ’ amerino was taking place in a grave. The ’ activity of intelligence has initiated investigations in February, about 6 months ago, when the activities of Alex Trano and Luigi Felice also had begun to spread into neighboring local to the area of Piazza Armerina, historic neighborhoods such as the Mount and the Castellina. To increase the suspicion of joint reports with people note Felice in racketeering and drug dealing. Everything was carried on through wiretapping and then move on to survey on the spot.During interceptions pi is sometimes noted as they feared the two involved to be heard by concealing the cos nature of the conversations themselves.

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