Sunday, July 17, 2011

Italy Juventus: Tevez, Bastos and Vidal Inbox?

It inflames Italy Juventus! Not only Giuseppe Rossi! The opportunity for the market are many outsider. Some much more than mere hypothesis. After the news yesterday of a possible interest in the Argentinian Carlos Tevez, ’ en route with Manchester City, arriving new rumors. Bastos and Vidal possible purchases of Italy Juventus? Follow the news and the tam tam fans in network shows such as the names prestigious close club Juventus could be happy the Juventus fans.

While Giuseppe Rossi seems, day after day, one could give certainty, Marotta fans two excellent purchasing (supplies permitting). The Brazilian-footed good Bastos, currently in force at the French club Lyon, appears to have accepted the offer of contract ’ of white society. Bring it off the player to convince the company d ’ Over the Alps to make it go away? An attractive economic proposition on the part of executives Turin could kick off at the ‘ market operation.
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Italy Juventus, Vidal away. Different, instead, the speech for Vidal. The Chilean, currently playing in Bayer Leverkusen, would go on, but not in Italy! His favorite target would be, in fact, Bayern Munich. The company prepared to let it go (and gladly), to raise cash. If the player does not, however, bring it off to take over the club German rival, Juventus would, probably, his destination IP. We'll see. And Carlos Tevez? From Brazil, yesterday, got a resounding ’ indiscretion that, to tell the truth, not credible: Juventus had offered 52 million euros to Manchester City for the ’ purchase of Tevez. An exorbitant that, probably, not in the helpfulness of the black-and-white club packs. Most likely, then, the arrival of Giuseppe Rossi ’! Weekend mission important to Marotta: bring it off in ’ company?

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