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Melania Rea news, killed by a woman

Frantic race in these decisive hours to figure out who really killed Melania Rea. In the course of the investigation comes the request by the Prosecutor of Ascoli inherent to ’ her husband's arrest of Salvatore Parolisi victim. Dated Thursday requesting precautionary measure against ’ only suspect. As A result have been analysed different areas of the forest where the misdeed and tried to reconstruct the various possible situations. At the moment is not assured of nothing but all the evidence leads to the husband. Single counterflow detail the presence of female DNA under fingernails of victim Melania Rea. Detail absolutely should not be underestimated since it could mean that the killer is a woman ’ and then scagionerebbe ’ accusation by Parolisi.
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According to some rumors, the ’ assassin lashed out at the woman wounding her in several places until his death. Here is the willingness to defend the woman, which, according to the statutory Parolisi could scratch the victim. Since the ’ DNA analysis shows traces of blood under the nail female ’ of ’ ring left victim there is good chance that the killer is a woman ’.

This thesis shows that safety in Parolisi may not support it. According to the legal Kind Walter biscuits and Nicodemus, in fact, the DNA of the husband only present in the mouth, absolutely sensible hypothesis as a result of a kiss between the two. As if that weren't enough, the lawyers added that the woman was killed at different times and with different weapons, which would raise many gi made accusations against their client.

Carmelo Work, the criminologist who is following the case can not admit that the track to follow might be another, and that is really involved a woman in the whole affair. As if that weren't enough, Work argues that the ’ murder could also be considered a classic murder by barracks, as it contains all elements to be renamed as such. Continuing claims that could be likely that the victim knew some secret too precious, maybe even more precious of life itself.

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