Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lino Banfi: birthday wheelchair

The great Lino Banfi has taken 75 years, birthday for a small incident which forced the ’ on a wheelchair. The ’ was an Italian actor in the United States to celebrate with his family this ’ important birthday, but during the ’ meeting with some fans Lino Banfi was pushed and dropped.

Nothing serious for Italian actor ’, but only a small meniscus problem that prevents him from walking in this moment. Should be a pleasure trip to Lino Banfi but now will surely move as desired. It will be forced to make his trip on a wheelchair, but Lino Banfi doesn't seem to be very concerned.

And ’ was the same actor who reported this news during a radio broadcast and Lino has never lost its humor, a demonstration of how this small incident ruined his birthday and n nor his holiday to stars and stripes.

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