Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises, comes the trailer

All fans of the bat will love this news. In short, so to speak, arriver on the big screen the new installment in the trilogy of Batman. The new film directed by Christopher Nolan still under development and will have to wait another year. The planned release date d ’ scheduled for 2012, but we are sure that varr worth.

Today we can finally get their hands on the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. The third installment of the series Batman begins with a phrase quite intriguing: Every hero takes a journey, every trip has a purpose.

This new chapter at the end of the trilogy segner directed by Christopher Nolan. Currently the future goals of Warner against ’ man bat are rather obfuscated. By the time you prefer to close the history of Batman in this third and epic chapter. The future of ’ man bat will probably put aside, but we think that the return of Batman we will always State, as well as with the Dark Knight.

Batman a myth that cannot finish. Data are in fact the great success achieved from comic books and video games, a myth that surrounds us at 360 degrees and who doesn't want to be put aside.
Viral video by ebuzzing
The Dark Knight Rises resumes adventures abandoned in the final chapter. Gotham City and Batman the only culprit. Changing roles for the Dark Knight. Labelled as outlaws should initially run away, but then it will be recalled to dance by his loyal friend Jim Gordon.

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