Friday, July 29, 2011

Amy Winehouse dead, he discusses the causes

Nearly a week after the death of Amy Winehouse continues to talk about the casue of death. Amy Winehouse, who died last Saturday at his London hotel room d, ’ would have exaggerated with alcohol and drugs, a mix became deadly. Actually by ’ autopsy not been revealed yet what was the real cause of his death. The singer was a nice p care to try to stop drinking, apparently with drugs already had closed for some time. The father of Amy Winehouse wanted to tell how her daughter was living in a different period of life, in short, more serene after the disastrous concert in Belgrade had realised that his life could not absolutely continue in this way.
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Apparently just the sudden change of course ’ by the singer would have caused his death. In a nutshell Amy Winehouse dead for abstinence from alcohol. His physique 98-pound weakling, subject also to many eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia, has no right to the shock of this sudden change. According to the doctors the abrupt transition from the ’ huge daily intake of alcohol to total absence had caused an epileptic seizure. The sudden lack of alcohol ’ would then cause a greater harm to the physical Winehouse that failed to bear this ’ further change. This is obviously not c, ’ been no confirmation of that argument, between the ’ else endorsed by the father of the singer.

Amy Winehouse died for lack of alcohol plays a p odd, but not totally to exclude this argument, you know how our body is very complex and sometimes the ’ appearance can mislead. Meanwhile, the pap of the singer has already decided to build a foundation with the name of the daughter that can deal with people who can't do without their dependencies.

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