Sunday, July 24, 2011

Linda Christian, US greets mother of Romina Power

Linda Christian, diva of 40-50 ’ ’, artist of extraordinary beauty and mother of surprising Romina Power, passed to mile life yesterday evening, at 87 years of ’ et. The beautiful actress, married to the ’ American actor Tyrone Power, was one of the most fascinating faces of the big screen, so that his extraordinary belt was crowned by Life magazine as The Anatomic Bomb ” “, a sexy beauty Mediterranean traits. The cause of ’ happened seems to have been a very ugly colon cancer.

The woman was in Palm Springs, California, and the next 13 years, would made 88. The wonderful mother of Romina was born in Mexico and his real name was Blanca Rosa Welter; recit “ film Tarzan and the mermaids ”, in the television version of “ Casino Royal ”, where he played the role of Bond Girl and a tv yellow “ L ” ’ hour Hitchcock.

Linda Christian, July 22, 2011, died yesterday at his home in Palm Springs: because of his death a serious colon cancer. Elda laro moved from place to place with his mother and his father, he is of Dutch origin and Mexican, Linda was a veritable polyglot, he spoke French, Spanish, German, Italian, English, Arabic and a p in Russian. The beautiful Queen of American wanted to become a physicist but at the end of secondary school accidentally meets with his idol, Errol Flynn, who convinced her to try climbing the peaks of Hollywood. Soon after, he obtained a contract lasting 7 years with Metro Goldwyn Mayer and motog in 1944 with the musical comedy Up In Arms ” “.

The ’ year of success and real consecration come with Tarzan and the mermaids “ ”. If life was so full of film successes, we can not say her life affective: indeed, during the marriage with Tyron Power, father of Romina, there were several problems. The two spouses did not accept a work together and eventually divorced. Soon after, she was already in the arms of ’ athlete Alfonso de Portago. After the death of this ’ last, due to a serious accident during a Grand Prix, Linda is responding with the ’ English actor Edmund Purdom. Linda Christian was a ’ icon of style and elegance: we extend a last salute to the great mother of Romina Power.

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