Monday, July 18, 2011

Earthquake jolts North: tremble Emilia, Lombardy and Veneto

Five aftershocks have struck, yesterday evening, Northern Italy. Two strong tremors pi, the other replicas of little intensity. Many, moreover, the earthquake tremors exclusively detected by instruments of ’ Institute of geophysics and volcanology. Trema the North Italy and c ’ fear among people. The memory of the tragedy d ’ Abruzzo still very strong in the minds of the Italian people. Because of the ’ seismic event was interrupted for several hours, the railway Bologna Verona, to carry out investigations on the status of structures.
Viral video by ebuzzing
The first Jolt was recorded shortly after twenty hours (20:22 for the ’ accuracy) with magnitude 3.1 and a depth of only a mile. The earthquake was recorded by the District of ’ Institute of geophysics and volcanology (IGNV) of the pianura padana lombarda (Lombard). After a few minutes, only eight, a shock of greater intensity, the last Fort of the night, hit the district near the Po Valley. 4.7 magnitude and depth of over eight kilometres. To be hit the handkerchief of land between the city of Mantua, Modena and Rovigo.
Three aftershocks were felt by the population, despite the low intensity, during the evening of yesterday. Smaller replicas that have created tension between the local population: the 20:38, in the pianura padana, magnitude 2.8; at 21:22, in the Po Valley, Venetian 2.3 magnitude; at 23:50, district of Frignano (Modena), of magnitude 2.4, and with more than twenty kilometers depth. The seismic tremors were also felt in large cities: Genoa, Turin, Cremona, Bologna, Vicenza, Padua and Novara. No damage to things and people: only big fright and exchanges of fire taken ’ d from citizens concerned about assault.

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