Sunday, July 31, 2011

Melania Rea, latest news: Salvatore Parolisi innocent? Photo raises questions

Murder Melania Rea, latest news: Salvatore Parolisi would aim to prove his estraneit his wife's murder by a photo Melania. The ’ only suspect for the crime, transferred this morning in Teramo, try the surprise hit. A photo taken by some students would see l ’ auto Parolisi, confirming the alibis provided by corporal ’ investigators. In the photo do not see the number plate: you see, in fact, a ’ car of the same model as that of the Saviour.
Viral video by ebuzzing
The latest news about the death of Melania Rea did not seem upset, pi convinced investigators that ever that young corporal killed Melanie. The photo in question could be used by attorneys of ’ investigated in order to support the ’ alibi indicated during the first interrogation. The photo could ask questions, however you think. Parolisi, might have parked car specially l ’ to mislead investigators and build the ’ excuse.The corporal has always claimed to be with his family, that day, near the Plateau.

Meanwhile, the Gip di Teramo seems to confirm the extent of pre-trial detention in prison. Will, however, more evidence and more convincing to fit permanently Parolisi to its responsibility. The motive c ’, perhaps even some accomplice. In the coming days will be important developments. Hope that we can finally put an end to this terrible incident. All the clues are against corporal but he professed innocence. Will not be a picture, of course, to change idea investigators. Remain to be clarified, however, many points still obscure. Time is running out and not only for the judiciary. Melania's family wants answers in Rea pi soon, in order to access to life, in spite of everything.

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