Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lastest: Tevez for Eto ’ or, just fantasies?

The lastest keeps on tenterhooks all nerazzurri fans. The ’ hypothesis that is circulating in the press world of a possible exchange Carlitos Tevez Samuel Eto ’ or –. A ’ hypothesis without foundation for Branca and Moratti. But rumors on the market are always incredible pi insistent. Tevez would gi in Milan: not for the ’ Inter, according to the latest news, but for the sessions of physiotherapy. And Eto ’ or?

The Cameroon seems to have received a ’ from a stratospheric offer club emerging Russian l ’ Anzhi would offer the player a pharaonic figure. NET 20 million per season. Samuel Eto ’ or, however, refused. There are two, so the hypothesis of the lastest: or Eto ’ ’ or refused the offer because he wants to dress to life the Nerazzurri shirt or the Cameroon refused because expats in more prestigious Manchester City.
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Carlitos Tevez, en route with the club, Roberto Mancini would leave from Manchester (the City). His favorite target, without any doubt, Milan. Moratti and Branch had thought onerous for a loan with right of redemption set at 30 million euros. One way to test the ’ argentino and its ability to fit better in the new offensive schemes technician Gasperini. In ’ operation, however, is not within the Cameroon.

“ at the time Samuel and lInter are happy with how it's going. And unlikely to change team in August. The company does not want to sell elui doesn't want to leave the words of ”: ’ agent Claudio Vignarelli leave no doubt. The exchange between the nerazzurri and Manchester City's Roberto Mancini is not far. Unless you get a ’ which does not offer the club inter cannot give up. But the fans don't want Cameroon go: too important to the team, always decisive.

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