Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vanessa Incontrada, Zelig: women against because MOM!

Vanessa Incontrada and Zelig, a marriage which ended long ago, however, come on, again, the spotlight. An idyllic relationship with conductor Claudio Bisio and with many other comedy cabaret television pi followed by Italians. A separation unthinkable for many, incomprehensible, Vanessa Incontrada wants to give a clear motivation, the more possible.

Removing the shoe pebbles from young Spanish showgirl, after a pregnancy passed to work on the stage of Zelig, among a thousand quips and attitudes not really suited to the situation. Her big belly, with the widely visible, has decided not to continue to work despite having been at the center of jokes about his weight biting (not always genuine) colleagues (Claudio Bisio included!). But it was the real problem: to bring the war to the beautiful Vanessa Incontrada there han thought women Zelig!

Women I did Zelig. It showed no solidarity towards me when they become mothers. Already during the pregnancy, while all I attacked for weight “ tells Vanessa, without hesitation, he left behind a difficult period.

No word of comfort, no defense: the young Spanish presenter alone and, after a long reflection, decided to leave the program. In its place, as we know, the talented Paola Cortellesi you fully in the descent and who was, according to rumors, impeccably by the staff of Zelig.

Vanessa continues his career, regardless of the small avversit that are very frequent in showbiz, with renewed enthusiasm ’: you can count on a person who was always nearby, as the companion Rossano Laurini, and the splendid, newcomer, Isal!

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