Monday, July 18, 2011

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, divorce: fault of topless?

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony may say farewell to their early history d ’ love. A marriage that seemed to go well it will turn the sails, according to tabloid gossip, in an unexpected divorce. Why? Rumors from the Daily Mail, seem to confirm the possibility that the relationship between Lopez and her husband also was cracked by a topless “ wild ”.

In the next film (“ What to Expect When You are Expecting ”), in fact, according to rumors, Jennifer Lopez is topless show, despite the jealousy of Marc Anthony. of course this only a guess of the Daily Mail. The couple announced the decision of divorce in the weekly People.
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“ we decided to put an end to our marriage. And ’ was a very difficult decision to take ”. With the break-up with Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez sends all ’ air “ ” her third marriage. According to the Daily Mail, however, the young singer had declined since she married Marc, his roles in film and os music clips. The “ castit ”, however, brought a decline of attention towards the pop star who would shoot, actually, only thanks to the ’ out of American Idol, a veritable smash.

However, topless, topless or not the relationship of the couple you cracked definitely not leaving space to no hope. Divorce, now, sure thing. With this step, in fact, Jennifer Lopez tenter also relaunch its been. And how? Baster a topless or an unexpected divorce? Or will need a new flame? The British bookmakers are ready to bet on this!

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