Saturday, July 30, 2011

Melania Rea, latest news: Salvatore Parolisi transferred in Teramo, photo leaves questions

Latest news on crime of Melania Rea. Salvatore Parolisi was transferred in Teramo jail this morning. After being relegated in a prison of Ascoli as the sole suspect in the death of his wife Melania Rea, the corporal was born in prison as a result of the passage from d ’ investigation for territorial jurisdiction.

Paradoxically this transition could push for a reopening of the investigation. The gip, however, did immediate request for remand in custody, accusation, confirming the hypothesis of ’ of Ascoli. Salvatore Parolisi accused of murder pluriaggravato (vilification of the corpse and tight gradoi of kinship).

The ’ investigation on the murder of Melanie Rea ’, however, according to the latest news, might be destined to suffer setbacks as a result of the change of route of legal corporal. A picture, checked out of nowhere and shot by some students, it would show the car by Salvatore Parolisi ’. This picture confirms the ’ alibi provided investigators from corporal.
Viral video by ebuzzing
In the picture, however, not perfectly readable plate. It will be difficult for the dell ’ army corporal and his lawyers try to give consistency to an alibi which, in fact, does not hold water. Even if the photos showed exactly the ’ car of Parolisi, cio ’ couldn't automatically give “ ” consistency to his alibi. Indeed!

And ’ possible that the same husband of Melania Rea tried to mislead investigators voluntarily l ’ car parking in order to create an alibi. The evidence against him are still wide and articulated! It remains to clarify this doubt on photos and other circumstances considered not really relevant.

Different opinion for the legal defense of husband of Melania: our technical adviser, prof. Roberto Cusani, is working on this picture, where you see unauto with a lantern similar to that of Scenic, and the dark color, aldildei reflections of light. I don't know if that Salvatore-continues the ’ lawyer Cookies-but certainly c unauto, and the guys who were on the plateau and have snapped those photos are at least unreliable, because they did not see anything. But only one of many things that don't work, and that we will nellordinanza to Review.

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