Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Paolo Bonolis ready to impress with his new program

Paolo Bonolis is preparing for a new season full of surprises and news. The friendly presenter Roman avr l ’ honor the pre-evening slot of Channel 5, replacing who wants to be a millionaire? To Paolo Bonolis-this is a real challenge, will not be easy to combat a very strong as the ’ legacy Raiuno.

The announcer for spoke of wanting to impress the audience, to propose a new program Finally, trying to always point to format pi that run-in. C ’ this desire to challenge on Paolo Bonolis and aware that television d ’ today who tries to renew itself is likely to end up with a nice flop.

Bonolis has no fear, knows that its transmission can also be a nice novelty for children, who now do not have many programs dedicated to them and are forced to only watch cartoons. The new television program of Paolo Bonolis offers innovative ideas, by always keeping an eye towards the young.

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