Saturday, July 16, 2011

Murder Melania Rea, latest news: Salvatore Parolisi, arrest imminent?

Latest news on ‘ murder of Melania Rea. Salvatore Parolisi could be arrested: the request to the pre-trial detention was sent to Charles Calvaresi gip. Now he must decide whether to accept her or reject it: everything in his hands! L ’ indiscretion arrives, like a bolt from the blue, from The newspaper. No denial, then the news. There is no time limit: Salvatore Parolisi, only suspect for the murder of his wife Melania ’ Rea, after receiving two days ago, l ’ notice, could be arrested. View the latest news, escape that has infuriated the statutory Parolisi, l ’ shutdown could be imminent. Melania was killed by her husband?
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Latest news, Melania Rea: Salvatore Parolisi framed by ’ autopsy? To make a strong acceleration investigations, Prosecution of Ascoli Piceno was, according to some indiscretions, report on the autopsy on the corpse of ’ young of Somma Vesuviana, filed earlier today. According to the latest news, Melania Rea was killed by her husband 48 hours after his disappearance. The place of ‘ murder would be the Ripe di Civitella. The mode and the ’ time would have been confirmed also by the visits of the Ris and by recent testimonies passed under consideration of investigators in recent days.

Meanwhile on the leak of the request for arrest of lawyers Parolisi, speakers of ’ suspect: This leak, at a time so delicate dellinchiesta, evidence of unprecedented seriousness of behaviour which we find ourselves having to defenders in front of powerless. And never can read similar news, when these are to be protected from most rigorous procedural secrecy? The moral lynching against Salvatore did not end. We publicly unispezione of committees of the Ministry to establish the liability of these leaks, which are true or false.

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  1. what a terrible translation. It is clear it has been translated by a computer and not a person. Toooooo manyyyyyy mistakes

  2. it is understood by the translation that the lawyers are being arrested and that the lawyers' names are Parolisi !!!!!!!!!


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