Friday, July 29, 2011

Lastest: Tevez and Casemiro purchases certain!?

Lastest: Branch denies but Tevez and Casemiro nerazzurri will be! The summer market porter at ’ Inter awaited shots? Branch denies everything: Tevez unattainable! Really? His words seem, in fact, a sort of attempt to screening and good! You can not ’ think that club is not incredible active on the market and, even, that it intends to do only supplies. After the ’ purchase of Alvarez, in fact, the ’ arrive and Tevez seems certain Casemiro!

The latest news on the lastest us reveal the possible offer for Carlitos Tevez. Moratti ask to Manchester City, who intends to get rid of ’ argentino also due ’ arrival of Aguero, a sort of “ loan with right of ” for ransom: a loan concluded, ’ Inter will decide whether to purchase the talented player for about 35 million euros.
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Unlike the speech for the young Casemiro. Gasperini wants, cost what it cost! And to think of it, the ’ buying Casemiro might be very little expensive ” “ for the club: only incredible 12 million in three years. The Brazilian in the São Paulo has an extraordinary talent and, according to mister Gasperini, IM ready to play in the Italian Championship. The ’ affair certainly: Casemiro firmer for the ’ Inter between tonight and tomorrow.

The market not only provides incredible arrives. There are major departures. Apart from the speech, which we're sure Sneijder will stay in Milan, are leaving both Viviano (direction Genoa, despite the ’ accident) that Diego Milito (due to ’ hexose engagement). Starting on foot even the talented Thiago Motta. The player's agent ’ has expressed the wish to Motta to stay in Milan. But the company probably will priver thinning the rose.

Fans, meanwhile, are doubtful about the possible arrival of Tevez, not considered all height of inter ’. Would welcome with open arms, however, the Brazilian Casemiro. We are confident that they will arrive. We Bet?

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