Saturday, July 16, 2011

P4, Alfonso Papa suspended by CSM

Decided the fate of Alfonso Papa, magistrate in expectation and current Member of the PDL. The choice of the Superior Council of Magistracy will not accept replicas, were suspended and the functions that the salary of ’ investigated. Decision taken in the morning at the Council Chamber. The Pope was present and had to listen to his destiny with sadness.

Always better than the proposal yesterday launched by the junta for the permissions of the Chamber, which had proposed in broad terms the arrest of the Deputy ’. At that juncture, Pope was autosospeso by the Group of the PDL to avoid any retaliation.

Flying In a brief statement issued to the Messenger and the Republic, the Member States that cannot think about the terrible possibility of prison, according to him an experience absolutely unjustified and quite painful. Despite US claims that any decision will be assessed a good eye and calmly, although at the same time it considers aware of his own innocence. Continuing the ’ former Member claims to be able to face the process peacefully and proves to be very eager to cancel all charges levelled against him. Through the process, says, the truth will out.
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The ’ interview continues on the theme of friendliness towards Bisignani. Pope claims to have shared only a felt friendship Bisignani, absolutely no interest. Soon after does not lose the opportunity to defend ’ the location of the Tiziana Rod, also wife she is involved in the ’ investigation. Pope says that his wife totally extraneous to the facts and that all reports made against her are completely false and without basis. His wife and children have a strong point for the Pope, and definitely difender them to life.

Before concluding, Pope keeps us ’ to disprove the existence of P4, claiming not to know the ’ existence and not be even remotely interested. Last statement goes on two stays. Congressman confirms that he make those reservations, as it was not a permitted him to action. There remains that would return the sums agreed, the right to remove any regrets.

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