Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Steven Spielberg in Sardinia: fine and apology for inflatable "wild"

Steven Spielberg, famous Director of the Hollywood Hills, took a fine in Sardinia: the offence consists in ’ having docked his dinghy too close to the Sardinian coast. The coast guard of Sardinia did not want to hear reasons as the dinghy, too close to the coast, could cause severe damage and danger to bathers. The authority for Steven demanded a compensation of 170 euros.

Steven Spielberg capitulated and after numerous apologies to bathers and the coast guard, has paid the notorious fine. Despite the high lineage of fined ’, the Coast Guard has not tolerated l ’ negligence towards the visitors of the area. The American director always loves Sardinia and its waters and arrived aboard his luxury yacht. This is the legendary "Seven Seas, about 90 metres long with several American artists, such as beauty and brava Gwyneth Paltrow.

Steven Spielberg was fined by the Sardinian Coast Guard for having approached too to the coast with his dinghy. In fact, Steven after leaving his beautiful yacht off, had reached the coast in the company of a group of friends, aboard his raft. Only problem was not respecting the limit of the minimum distance from the coast, approaching very dangerous to bathers.

The Director, Summit of success for his latest film the adventures of Tin Tin, is amazed at not being recognized by the forces of the ’ order, but he immediately withdrew the fine, promising to pay it in ’. In addition, they apologized a lot with the locals, who were very annoyed by his presence. Bathers Sardinian have forgiven Steven for his absence and have immediately denounced the break-in to the forces of ’ ’ order charge. Steven Spielberg is a Director on the crest of the ’ wave sailing in Sardinia but if fines do not forgive!

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