Sunday, July 24, 2011

It pretends to make the model patient

Bad idea that the carabiniere 43 of Ravenna, which he thought of playing sick and skip the day's work in favour of his passion for fashion. The policeman was caught in flagrante delicto while filed on stage in Punta Marina Terme.

Coincidence has it that the carabiniere was detected by a colleague of the same district of Forl while performing at peak form with an undeniable physical prowess before the eyes of the public and the flash of photographers. The misdeed concluded with a judgement quite strenuous for the ’. Issued by the judges of the military tribunal of Verona, the judgment does not accept excuses: three months ' imprisonment.

To clarify, a somewhat favorable judgment because the defendant was accused of ’ two cases of aggravated offences, i.e. simulation of infermit and military scam. The first request of the military prosecutor's Office consisted of a sentence of nine months ' imprisonment as the behavior of ’ accused has violated military rules completely of ’ Weapon, which should be the first to give the right example in virt serving and divided.

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