Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vasco Rossi broke a rib

The news journal. Vasco Rossi was hospitalized at the clinic Villalba of Bologna. The cause of the coma which many speakers on the web, but a simple broken rib. Rib which has caused many problems and pains in our dear Country during his last tour. The star has endured the pain for the duration of the tour, and only after claimed examinations.

Vasco Rossi for only a short time and then come back more strong than before. Just as he did with his latest tour. Dating back about a month ago, in fact, the statement about all ’ abandonment of his professional career. Statement immediately contradicted by the next day's concert. In short, a Vasco Rossi always ready to excite the audience and always ready to spend moments of joy to its fans. Meanwhile calm returned to the web. All fans are much more serene, and await the return of Blasco onstage.

The ’ interest of the fans was especially one: health of Vasco. Since a broken rib may be considered as nothing worrying, we can argue that admirers of star can relax completely.

Remain to do only good wishes, healing from Vasco, get in shape … we are still here.

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