Sunday, July 24, 2011

Artificial insemination, MOM to 58 years but would like to thank the Madonna

At 58 years becomes MOM thanks all ’ artificial insemination. Angela, teacher in Roccaraso of Neapolitan origin, crowns the dream of a life: becoming a MOM. Together with her husband, retired to 64 years, Madonna ” graces “ for grace received, after many pilgrimages to Lourdes. Una storia bizzarra, by many considered controversial, susceptible to opinions and beliefs of others.

Angela to 58 years become MOM. Recounts his experience with the Corriere della Sera do offhand. And ’ was forced to turn to a clinic of the Czech Republic, given that in Italy the ’ artificial insemination is prohibited by Catholic extremist propriety ” “ “ ” made law (see law 40). In Italy you can not ’, and not expected to use this practice even (and especially) the Roman Catholic ” Angela “. This is not my personal opinion: from secular convinced and loyal servant “ ” of Freethought are aware that the choices of others should be respected, even if controversial.

What seems odd, however, the opinions and forced ” values “, l ’ hypocrisy of many Italian Catholics, ready to defend a sword is any law in the Country, save, then use the benefits of “ science ” in other countries, including Europeans, even against their own religious beliefs “ ”.

It says clearly the neo mother, Mrs. Angela, the Corriere della Sera: “ I went against my religious beliefs ”. And then adds, with the air of ’ who believes to have been the Royal ”: “ “ I made numerous pilgrimages to our Lady of Lourdes that gives me the gift of the pregnancy, I have achieved my dream of becoming MOM thanks to Madonna ”.

Precisely. To hell with the devil, science at the ’ work of doctors, serious professionals of the Czech Republic, to hell with the secular law of the State Czech: Mrs. Angela … … … thanks to the Madonna.

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  1. I think what she do is ok because is her life and if she can carry with her baby it is ok.

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  6. I think it is really good to do it. I think is a decision of each couple and I can't understand why things like this are porhibited in many countries.


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