Friday, July 22, 2011

Giffoni, Rocco Papaleo says no to a Woody Allen film

Rocco Papaleo at the Giffoni Film Festival-film festival that puts featured films d ’ author and Director of young artists, see pass through its ranks many star national and international fame. And ’ the time of Rocco Papaleo, recent guest of the Festival, which made mention of s for his career and especially for the negative response given to the famous English director Woody Allen. Papaleo doesn't want to engage in the new film from Director, especially because the filming of the movie you would be required for the pi in August, when he engaged with his son on a journey in the United States.

A film is not worth a vacation with his son. Despite this negative response, considered by many to be an act of bravery and modesty, Rocco Papaleo continues to tread allright his brilliant movie career. In Giffoni, l ’ actor said to embrace a plan of her own, for a film which he wrote the screenplay and for which the sar also Director.
Viral video by ebuzzingViral video by ebuzzing
All ’ but a headbutt to the capable Rocco Papaleo, who at the Giffoni Film Festival gave to a part in a Woody Allen film, for a movie all its own and in order not to lose a unique holiday with the children. Rocco sar screenwriter, Director and actor for her new movie, a small business, a film which revolves around a small group of people who come together to restore a beacon.

The film tells how the protagonists instead of repairing the lighthouse, little by little they will repair their lives. In Giffoni, Woody Allen does not seem to have accused the coup and, d ’ the other hand, each free to make their own choices. Papaleo has also admitted to have a real fondness for Checco Zalone and for his music, and remember when on the set of That beautiful day, Checco sang his songs just for him. Rocco Papaleo, guest at the Giffoni film festival, sparkling renunciation of Woody Allen and part at the helm of his project.

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