Sunday, July 31, 2011

Italy Milan: Balotelli and Montolivo, that blows!

Finally the laboured from signs of awakening. Would be coming, according to the latest news, two super hits: Balotelli and Montolivo! News quite sensational, cero yet to be verified, but absolutely unfounded. Balotelli, en route with Roberto Mancini after the horrendous veronica ’ (heels attached) in a friendly, could wear the rossoneri Jersey next season. Riccardo Montolivo looks a deal already concluded, at least to hear experts.

What's going on in Milan? We try to find out. Everything revolves around the possible departure of Antonio Cassano. The eccentric knows that to play in the national Serie a season he need to see that the main character, and not always relegated on the bench! That's why it would be useful to Mr. Marco Allegri: worthy replacement for Pato or, in case of need, Ibrahimovic. Sóller, partir, we are sure.
Viral video by ebuzzing
Speech for midfielder Riccardo Montolivo. The player of Fiorentina and of the Italian national team would move to a big club. After the “ d ’ ” love messages sent to Milan and "possibilist" theory of Adriano Galliani, the arrival of Montolivo ’ in Milan seems sure thing. The Valley seems intended to sell it. The economic demands of the company violates are l ’ final hurdle to the passage of midfielder montos. We are sure, however, that Galliani and know how to find a meeting point for the common good ” “.

The ’ hypothesis to exchanging players: Riccardo for Emanuelson and Paloschi. The match would have two reinforcements this level in team! The negotiations could be concluded at the beginning of gi ’ next week. Will, therefore, money for the purchase of the long-awaited ’ “ Mister X ”. Who will ever? Definitely not SuperMario. The fans have some idea about?

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