Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Drink 16-liter d ’ water per day, definitely overkill

Many people drink a little water, and for this they go to many encounters problems like kidney stones, urinary infections and bladder cancers. Conversely, many other people like a lot of the ’ water up to drinking again. Aquaholic, also referred to as they can go against various diseases and infections.

Last case review to PR Joanne Jarvis, who regularly drink more than six liters of water per day, ’ a quantity definitely excessive. During an interview for the Daily Mail, the PR confesses his addiction by ’ water, and as such has become the point of obsession of various problems. Joanne claims to regularly exceed six litres d ’ water per day, but said that many times come to exceed even the 16 litres.

This habit, since small, has led to many medical visits, Joanne. Parents thought constantly to diabetes, but each time were contradicted by the doctors. It turned out, in fact, over time, that Joanne Jarvis loved to drink water in industrial quantities, for pleasure. This ’ habit, absolutely not, caused several cases of water intoxication, hyponatremia or better defined.

The rule to follow comes from ’ World Health Organization and the British Dietetic Association. The two organisations confirm l ’ assumption that drinking water is good for your health. But as all things must be done consistently and correctly. Most two liters per day to prevent possible urinary infections, bladder cancer and possible kidney stones.A good habit to be met with caution.

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