Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vasco Rossi back in shape after the shelter

Did tremble all its fans Vasco Rossi: ’ after the announcement that he would retire from the music scene, now seemed ready to give another tumble to the Italians who have always followed the rockstar pi profilica of our country. A few days ago, in fact, was a news schockante: Vasco was hospitalized for an illness. After a few minutes, for, comes the denial: precautionary hospitalization for a problem to a rib. Confirmations that are going to refute those who even had suggested an induced coma to prevent even more serious harm.

Was in the clinic for choice Vasco, for a control in the chest which gave him problems for weeks now, precisely because of a rib with few problems. He then took advantage for a full check up, his et, like any other, it never hurts: the acute stage, was then passed ” hospital “ pampered and revived completely. Past the scare for fans, past the pain for the rockstar. The clinic was crowded at the external ’ of fans, all Italians who wanted to learn and wanted the singer was in great shape for, chiss, another concert. Some fans have also tried the ’ broke to see Vasco and believe only in his eyes to see him healthy and healed.

C ’ still remember in recent appearances Vasco arrived on stage with many painkillers in the blood, medicines to avoid pain and to not hear the ’ et advancing: was this one of the most important reasons that l ’ has led to outright, to withdraw from the scene. Always on tour, always to respect the fans, always singing, and sooner or later the ailments they should be heard. Now will stay in hospital for a week, do some routine check and then will return home in the hope that it will regain the rest right back with more determination than before.

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