Sunday, July 17, 2011

Debuchy Casemiro and Montolivo: Pastor preferred to Ganso?

Laboured many market talks underway to bring in Milan big absolute thickness. And ’ duel with Inter and Roma for Brazilian Casemiro, midfielder from good feet, player of São Paulo. Allegri, meanwhile, seems to point Montolivo, about to move to the clubs fans. Ganso Milan prefers to Pastor?

Italy: Milan Casemiro shields on. Despite the ’ Inter both benefit on ’ operation that could bring Brazilian midfielder in Italy, the club makes no spring grip and prepares for a ’ offer. There are at least 14 million put on the table by Moratti for the ’ operation. Signals of interest, moreover, come to the player of Fiorentina and of Riccardo Montolivo who love both the rossoneri coach. The viola has decided not to renew the contract with his current team, in fact, according to the latest rumors, he asked to be traded before the start of this season's ’. Will a player of AC Milan, maybe substitute Andrea Pirlo?
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The Milan market, between purchases and disposals, vira towards a large name overbearingly, probably the attacking midfielder Massimiliano Allegri serving. Ganso or Pastor? It would appear that the player wishes to move only in Santos in January, after playing the club World Championship with his team. And then echo that, down the ’ idea Ganso, Milan, eager for a shot by now, is reported to the ’ purchase of Pastor, Idol of Palermo. Lionel, in recent days, has confirmed the interest of a milanese ’. Galliani has denied promptly but, according to the rumors of transfer, there was a meeting between Braida and Simonian, footballer's attorney. The price requested by the President of Palermo Zamparin, however, very high. Berlusconi, after the judgment on lodo Mondadori, bring it off to give fans the Argentinian jewel?

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