Friday, July 15, 2011

Campovolo, Luciano Ligabue in concert: 110 000 tickets sold!

Campovolo-Luciano Ligabue in concert tomorrow in ’ long awaited event, born on Facebook, and that probably the most optimistic forecasts exceed. 110 000 tickets sold, a real record for a single artist. The numbers of concert Campovolo, in fact, are clear: 19 towers d ’ listening and ben 620 square metres of screens to enjoy, in full, a show that promises to be exciting as ever.

At Campovolo Luciano Ligabue is back with the spirit of a boy who wants to surprise you, but at the same time, he wants to thank their fans, who follow him in all his exit. Young and old, nostalgic and not, whole families: Ligabue of all and for all!
Viral video by ebuzzing
Important news for the mega concert. Starting with the desire to replace the usual dvd of ’ event with a 3d movie. We looked for a way to document Campovolo, don't usually dvdmi'd that the film can tell my story said the rockstar. A proposal of all singular but with a strong media impact (and doesn't) come from grillini, supporters of Genoese comedian Beppe Grillo: l ’ idea to recycle all the waste that will be produced during the ’ event. An ecological proposal that, in spite of the short time available, we are confident that the singer will support gladly.

Remains secret, the setlist of the concert at Campovolo, Luciano Ligabue, as open? And ’ this demand that circulates on the net, more and more nurturing, l ’ interest ’ event in ’ summer.

The hardliners have two hearts seems to be the ’ only confirms choice of facebook fans on social networks.

Ligabue, interpreter of two previously unreleased tracks 1993-1995. The great ’ waiting and grows by the hour but, we are sure, 110 thousand Campovolo live magical evening!

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