Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vasco Rossi, farewell! Home already Monday ’

Vasco Rossi, the famous Italian rock singer-songwriter who has always lived a life of reckless, reported good clinical picture that enables him to leave the hospital soon ’ to pi. Seems now certain that the date of the ’ release of Vasco from nosocomio next Monday. The transgressive Italian rocker had been admitted to having fractured a rib. During routine examinations, physicians on duty had recommended further investigations, as they feared a ’ lung infection.

Fortunately, the legendary Vasco Rossi has no further medical problem; his condition is good and not any unexpected occurred. For this reason, the spokesman for the singer Tania Sachs, has reassured the thousands of fans, making public the news of forthcoming from clinic bolognese Villalba.
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Doctors who have been following the case of Blasco, who had procured a broken rib during a concert in Rome, decided to send him home, since his clinical not worrying.

Thousands of fans, friends and colleagues you are tight around the great Vasco, presiding over the clinic during these days and leaving comments on the singer's Facebook page. Just taken his health, Blasco has sought to reassure his fans by communicating its healing.

The spokesman also announced that Tania had the tour would not have changed and that Vasco Rossi will host of the Mostra del Cinema di Venezia on 5 September. For the Venetian ’ occasion, the rocker presenter a documentary about his career titled this story here. The indestructible Vasco ’, also with a broken rib, leave the clinic in Bologna of Villalba next Monday and we hope that is attentive to its pi reckless living!

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