Friday, July 15, 2011

Snaptu personified Lavezzi, Hamsik: via

Italy-Naples in turmoil, but not too much. The additions of De Laurentis do throat palates for the largest club in the world: Lavezzi and Hamsik are courted in Europe and even in Italy, c ’ who would want the two phenomena among their ranks. For Slovak c ’ Milan: Allegri called azure, the patron responds. As regards Hamsik say that indecent proposal must be a hundred million, otherwise it remains here thunders De Laurentis. Thus, paradoxically, Slovakian would be transferable only for really exorbitant. Sure, if some Arab Sheikh came to Naples with a ’ offer similar, we are confident that the Chairman refers back to the first scheduled flight!
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Snaptu, the point. Hamsik, then, irony aside personified. The Pocho Lavezzi, and really personified or mermaids can deviate from the English St. Paul? On ’ argentino De Laurentis seems to relent. Maybe it will be only a matter of pretattica but, in fact, the very simple question. Lavezzi has a buy-out clause of รข‚¬ 31 million. If a club to pay this fee and the player was willing to relocate, the patron could not do anything. For a minimum fee release clause Lavezzi there confirmed the President when I signed I accepted the fact that if someone came here to pay it, and the player accepts, I have to give in. A message for some Arab Sheik? The Patron blue looks resigned, as never before, to see the Argentine Idol jewel fans, leaving the San Paolo. Finir really so ’? To find out continues to follow the news of rumours on!

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