Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Giorgio Napolitano rejects decentralisation

Less than a week away from the festivities established for ’ inauguration of the three venues of Monza, the lock from the head of State regarding the ministries in the North. Giorgio Napolitano sent a letter to the President of the Council, in which specified extensive lines its concerns regarding decentralization of offices of ministries, taking on its grounds.
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The news, obviously aroused many reactions from many participants. The most direct to Italo Bocchino. The finiano pointed out that the concern expressed by the head of State to be synonymous with horror of the whole nation about ’ all ’ opening of Monza. Continue with the reactions of the Democratic Party Senator Anna Finocchiaro, which not only confirm the thesis of Napolitano. The word goes with Leoluca Orlando. According to the current dell spokesman ’ ’ Italy of Values, the Government and the Ministers have, inappropriately, with headquarters of ministries. Get the ’ centrist leader's opinion. Pier Ferdinando Casini, argues that the complaint of Napolitano has taken to draw the attention of all ’ and understand the great need for London Croydon hotel reviews.

On the same line of thought of the head of State, takes the Mayor of Rome. Gianni Alemanno fully shares the concerns of Napolitano and argues that many signals were inevitable.The letter from the head of State was received with great respect at Palazzo Chigi. The answer is scheduled for tomorrow. Inevitable anger of Umberto Bossi.

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