Thursday, July 28, 2011

Italy Milan: Galliani, Riccardo Montolivo, but Mister X is …

The laboured might be still huge surprises! Riccardo Montolivo to a PAS, Galliani's Word. But the real Mr. XX could be another and not purple, midfielder under Prandelli. The Milan market is preparing to live a very delicate phase. We will hit coveted? And who will? After the departure of Andrea Pirlo (gone to Juventus to Count), the Milan thinks to reinforce the midfield with absolute names.

Riccardo Montolivo could certainly be a very good buy for the club of Cheerful. Despite his small stature and strength not really disarming ” “, the midfielder with a polished technique and played as a true champion. It has been shown to Fiorentina and now wants to do so in a big club. Galliani opens at Montolivo that pi times in past weeks, had sent messages d ’ love in the rossoneri arousing the ire of patron of the Valley.
Viral video by ebuzzing
But not only to keep the viola desk in the laboured. Galliani seems to leave room at the ’ purchase a jewel, probably Spanish. Here are his words to the microphones of Sky Sport: Mr. X? If you have the latest arriver market days. Fabregas? I understand that Fabregas is dellArsenal and not of Barcelona. Therefore, nothing to do with Barcelona. But we are not talking about the market, now. However, Fabregas a player dellArsenal for all purposes. However hyperbolic ” coast figures.

Galliani did not think that knowing doesn't have anything to bring Fabregas-Milan. But in the interview goes beyond ’, talking about Kak and Cassano: “ Schweinsteiger? And a flag of Bayern. Kak? Operation very difficult and costly. Montolivo to Milan? It is possible, but Milan don't Center on its non-renewal with Fiorentina. We have excellent relations with the family of the Valley and we do not want to create their own problems. Cassano? And a great talent but needs to lose weight.

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