Sunday, July 31, 2011

Snaptu, Pandev and Iaquinta in viewfinder

“ The snaptu finished blue ” claimed the President a few days ago. No more fake! Pandev and Iaquinta are the next targets of the market in Naples. Both like to God and patron De Laurentis. Despite the negative statements, the Stadio San Paolo, in the upcoming may launch in August, the decisive attack to Iaquinta ’. If the tip of Juventus was not available, then “ ” company punter Pandev.

“ attackers are six in pink, unless you change them. Not by the number of attackers that you see if a team's offensive or not. Sa will the case to President De Laurentiis dir to intervene, but to have confidence in me as in these two years some result l ’ I have completed ” said Mazzarri in yesterday's press conference. But the snaptu must necessarily take into account that the team next season, will be also involved in dramatic stage of the Champions League (as well as in Italy and the League Cup).
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Deputy Cavani may not ’ be Lucarelli, with all due respect for the player. Not to address the numerous baster commitments. Push “ Vincenzone ” at Naples might, paradoxically, the Montenegrin Vucinic, neo purchase of Juventus. L ’ arrival of the Montenegrin removes space (gi minimum) all the source ’ striker calabrese.

Speech for Pandev. De Laurentis wanted to take it only if the Lavezzi. Excellent relationships with Massimo Moratti, then, could facilitate the purchase of ductile inter ’. The transfer market will close at the end of August. The company blue did not hurry to close the market: rester window hoping that prices for cards and engagements come down. The market closed? Stadio San Paolo fans know this: the President only a bluff!

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