Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sinead O Connor, ’ new album revelation

Sinead O Connor, the transgressive ’ singer by ’ unmistakable shaven head and the angelic voice, returns on the stage with a new album and a new look. The famous singer of ’ 90, made famous and beloved thanks to musical masterpiece Nothing Compares To You ", appears on the international music scene with an album revelation, but transfigured, greased back and aged. His inimitable voice, still present and still unique in its kind. The metamorphosis of Sinead O Connor, ’ for, what strikes most NSAIDs: images of singer are doing around the web and have left thousands of fans literally stunned. A transformation from leaving with bated breath and that does not understand that Sinead lived very well.

The life of Sinead O Connor, pop singer ’, which returns with a new album, previously unreleased, was perpetually on the edge: more transgressive, against everything and everyone, plagued by moments of extreme success interspersed in the dark more profound. His physical glimpse pounds, tattoos and a scruffy appearance that has shocked the figure that everyone knew. Many of the musical ’ experts are convinced that this new album may represent a rebirth, but everyone remembers his blasphemous gestures and his provocations, such as that to Pope John Paul II. During a concert, Sinead took a picture of the Pope in one hand and esalt her fans to fight him, which represented the enemy number one. At the moment there are leaked rumors about possible songs for the new disk, but it is assumed that the singer is really changed. A good luck to ’ Sinead O Connor, with the hope that these years of life and this new look will bring more glory.

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