Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Aids, still problems among children and women

Children have always been among the main victims of Hiv/Aids. The virus usually is transmitted from mother to baby during pregnancy or childbirth. In other cases also during breastfeeding of the newly born. The virus, disease, or existed ever since the ’ era of primates, and continues today to hit everyone ’ a good proportion of the population.

Yesterday the nth Conference on ’, the ’ International Aids Society-Ias 2011. Held in Rome, the Conference was the most notorious cases and the objectives to be reached or exceeded for hinder and prevent the emergence of this dangerous virus. Among the Nations most affected is the ’ Africa, where every day the victims of this virus to nearly thousand and what is even more serious, there are no facilities or drugs needed to treat the unfortunate families.

From these data the new objective of Unicef ’, i.e. a generation of children free from virus by 2015. Objective very ambitious but definitely of high importance for the common good and the good of mankind ’. To discuss it, is the Director of Unicef for ’ Hiv/Aids programme, Jimmy Kolker, who announces that don't need lots of money and even extraordinary scientific discoveries, but only a constant commitment and globally. More daunting number that on 23 medications available to treat the disease, only 11 can be used on children.

Another sad note, the great distance between poor countries and ’ West. As already mentioned, just slightly in poor countries where there are more victims, and made even more sad that the missing services appropriate and adequate facilities. To rectify the situation ASAP.

In the meantime been presented a new program for women affected by the virus. She is named the ’ objective of improving the quality of life for victims and try in every way possible to prevent the disease. Prevention, in fact, seen as the most astute move to fight the ’ Aids.

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