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Melania Rea, latest news: Salvatore Parolisi innocent? Melania killed by a woman

Melania Rea murder, Ansa News: legal Salvatore Parolisi pass for counter-attack to kill Melania was a woman. Traces of female Dna detected under the fingernail of the corpse of young Somma Vesuviana: on the basis of this finding that the legal Salvatore Parolisi (latest news) would be preparing for their defensive strategy. Yesterday, a leak confirmed the request for arrest to the husband of the young woman killed, only one suspect and suspected murder of ’. The newspaper, the ’ Centre, not denial, she confirmed that the Procura di Ascoli Piceno would take the measure of pre-trial detention. The ball then goes to Gip must decide whether to accept her or reject it.
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Latest news, Melania Rea killed by a woman? In a statement released at the ’ wide ’ Ansa, lawyers of the facts. husband explain their version: “ go to comb through the data in more than 80 pages to find: Melania attempted to defend themselves with their hands during the ’ aggression; under the fingernail of a hand ’ and ’ found a woman's Dna; the Dna of Salvatore and ’ been found only in the mouth of Melania as likely consequence of a kiss ”.

A woman would kill the young of Somma Vesuviana? Two different weapons and at two different times (ED) would hit and injured a young Cookie and gentle, they explain. Parolisi innocent or lawful, as rightly, only a macabre defensive strategy? The Word changes to Gip: we will arrest the ’? The ’ survey was long but we are sure, we riserver other twists. When you get justice? When the word stop to porr this awful story? The hope that the truth, whatever happens, be afloat!

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