Monday, July 25, 2011

Debuchy: Kaka that return! Fabregas and Montolivo the window ...

Italy Milan: the latest news on the market makes a resounding comeback! Fabregas or Montolivo? Would say: “ fra i due litiganti il terzo gode! ”. And the “ odd ” he: Ricardo Kak! A ’ indiscretion of resounding sweeping the rossoneri ’ environment. The Brazilian who has sparkled in rossoneri Jersey, decisive for the League title and champions league, could return after a long diaspora ” all ’ “.

After the departure of Andrea Pirlo, debuchy is focused on a possible substitute (worthy). Cesc Fabregas, Arsenal captain in implementing ’, might be the natural replacement for Andrea: class, ability and techniques out uncontested skills mean leader. AC Milan, will have to take Fabregas, exceed a ’ fierce competition: primarily that of the noble and rich “ ” Barcelona.

Midfielder evaluated about 40 million pounds, a little ’ too much to Berlusconi's AC Milan (tomorrow pay 560 million for the Mondadori) and also, to say the truth, for the Catalan club. And then don't let Wanger escape: we are sure! Represents the core of the ’ Arsenal.

The alternative might be the ’ national Riccardo Montolivo. And ’ the same player who launched signals d ’ love to Milan, not isolated were “ ”. The transfer of AC Milan could be resolved with the purchase of Montolivo ’? The midfielder of Fiorentina, mainstay of Prandelli, definitely a talented player.

Milan, however, one reason above all with the heart. Montolivo would be a good reinforcement but the dream, that's true, the return of Ricardo Kak! You avverer?I don't want to go – said the Brazilian week-l ’ coach told me that you can count on me and the company told me that he would not sell me. Real desire or just pretattica? What do they think the fans made of a possible return of the Brazilian genius?

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