Thursday, July 28, 2011

Snaptu: De Laurentis, the market closed but Lavezzi …

Snaptu? And ’ closed, Word of patron De Laurentis. His last statement should be taken seriously with pliers. After the sound of millions of euros for the purchase of next and upcoming season, the President seems to want to put your wallet in a fiery encounter. Yet, to tell the truth, De Laurentis has accustomed us to surprise hits, especially at the end of the market.

Everything revolves around the possible departure of Lavezzi. After that he swore loyalty to Marek Hamsik's Napoli, only the ’ Argentine appears to have still doubts. Will stay or abbandoner São Paulo who has always loved and celebrated? Doubts remain. The minimum fee release clause from 31 million does not seem to sleep to all Neapolitans. A large club may take away from Naples on Argentinian jewel, the Matador!
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Only a Spanish or English clubs could attract the sympathy of the Pocho who has never hidden his desire to play in leagues. A few clubs, however, at this time of crisis, would have the chance to pay that sum for the exploits of talented Lavezzi. Payment of the minimum fee release clause would release the player: but he will only decide, must necessarily accept or reject the new destination.

If so, the Pocho we are confident that the snaptu which not? Grossing 31 million l ’ objective of the Neapolitan club could be another talented Argentine Javier Pastor! The Ultras were, so ’, repaid by the departure of their idol. Shepherd is the dream of every President of Serie A, we are sure! Those who don't would like in team?

In addition to Shepherd, in fact, other possible market shots finished runners-up. The rose of strikers, papabili purchases, wide: Rolando Bianchi, Floro Flores and Mauricio Zarate. How to end this long “ telenovela ”?

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