Thursday, July 21, 2011

Captain America, the first Avenger: the return of the ’ hero

The cinema in summer never very crowded because the best films are almost produced in winter, more suited to the climate. On cold winter evenings, in fact, the cinema a meeting point for young people and families. But this year comes a great ’, the film dedicated to the first hero ever, Captain America.

The film's ’ titled Captain America: the first Avenger and planning for tomorrow, July 22. Directed by Joe Johnston, already well-known for other film luminaries such as Jurassic Park 3, Jumanji and Wolfman, the film dedicated to American hero ’ is based on the false row of comic strip created in 1941 by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.
Viral video by ebuzzingViral video by ebuzzing
Already many clues left over the other Marvel movies organized about a possible return of Captain America. Most attentive lovers, in fact, they will not remember the ’ appearance, although brief, the shield used by Captain America in two Iron Man movie. Also in the Incredible Hulk c ’ ’ a little note on the great hero, when speaking of unknown serum used during World War II capable of creating the perfect super soldier. Well, all these plots led to the creation of a new myth of the moment: Captain America.

As you can infer, given the ’ last note, the film set during World War II. The young Steve Rogers wants to give aid to his country by volunteering in the ’ army, but was rejected due to his slender physical too. Steve hopes come thanks to the ’ meeting with the physician Abraham Erskine, which I will give you a special care to become a real super soldier. Needless to say that after the intervention the young Steve ’ will totally renovated. Begins the path of Captain America.

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