Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Murder Melania Rea, latest news: Salvatore Parolisi dangerous arrest near?

Latest news: Melania Rea, Salvatore Parolisi Ascoli considered by prosecutors seeking the arrest of young ’, a dangerous man who, therefore, potentially, could kill again. The leak, condemned even by legal Parolisi, unveiled the request for arrest of Prosecutor against the husband of Melania Rea, only suspected of terrible murder.

Now the gip Carlo Calvaresi must decide whether to reject or accept the request of the Pm. Has all the time but, many are asking, should be given credit to “ and pericolosit ” of suspicion, especially after the leak, the arrest would be ’ to be executed. gi The legal defence of ’ suspect have drafted a defensive strategy aimed at supporting that Melania Rea (latest news), would be killed by a woman: under fingernails of young 32 enne of Somma Vesuviana, ’, during the autopsy, were found traces of dna in nature.
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In addition to the results of the autopsy on the corpse of ’ Melania, the gip is evaluating the findings of the inspection of Ris, the tabulated directories and various evidences considered by investigators. Seeing the request for a precautionary measure? If the husband of Melania was really dangerous and if it were really guilty, there would be the danger of escape, violence against heads of prosecution, or the possibility of contamination of evidence? Or obviously the forces of the ’ order hold under control or the accusatory Parolisi of Prosecutor is inconsistent. Where is the truth? When sar justice for the poor Melania? The family and the ’ public await answers. The hope that it is not, once again, one of the many unsolved cases at Italian ” “ ’!

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